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AAS is a training facility for working professionals and a testing ground for new talent to see if they’ve got what it takes.  With five studios, over 30 resident instructors, close to 8000 sqf and 10 000 actors, we offer classes, coaching and self-tape services pretty much every day, all year round. The studio's been around for about 14 years and we’ve helped launch some pretty cool careers including Miley Cyrus, Nina Dobrev and Devon Bostick (just to name a few).  What’s even cooler is that most of the stars that we’ve worked with had virtually no formal training before they started with us.

The studio's got a pretty cool community + network for everyone in the industry. When it comes to industry related services, there’s really very little that we don’t do – classes, coaching, self-tapes, seminars, oh, and did I mention we’re also a casting facility? 

We’ve got a lot of different classes and levels for pretty much everyone - whether pre-teen, teen or adult, our actors get to work with instructors who work all the time in film + TV.  We believe that our actors should work with ‘working’ actors.  It would be kind of crazy to take direction from someone on how to play the guitar if they themselves had never played the guitar – just sayin’.

All classes + one on ones’ at AAS are very specific and everything you do is documented on SD Card for you to take home and review – if you are taking film + TV classes, best that you be working on-camera.  I mean, it’s like taking driving training classes without ever getting into a car. At AAS, we believe in training for the purposes of work, not education.  Yeah, sure, you learn stuff along the way, but we want to see our actors doing it and getting paid to do it.

Testimonials - Nina Dobrev
Nina Dobrev
"Armstrong Acting Studio helped prepare me for the industry in every aspect and through every step of the way: from finding an agent to auditioning to being on set. I learned the fundamentals of scene work (making strong choices, analyzing and breaking down characters, etc.) and how to practice them on a regular basis. Dean and all the instructors at AAS are industry professionals who practice what they teach and who are extending their knowledge and experiences to other actors. I have benefited from their insight and advice. I believe that training is essential and there is so much to learn. I not only recommend the studio to others but urge actors who are looking to seriously pursue acting because AAS produces great actors!"

Series Lead, The Vampire Diaries
Recent Actor Bookings
  • John Paul RuttanPrincipalSaving Hope
  • John Paul RuttanLeadLove Jennifer P
  • Jenny PudavickSeries RegularPinkertons
  • Jenny PudavickLeadMohawk Girls
  • Melody JohnsonPrincipalHemlock Grove
  • Kearstin PlemelLeadThe Codex
  • Cleo TellierLeadAlexandra
  • Michelle MylettRecurringAscension
  • Julia LalondeGuest StarHeartland
  • Ella BallentineRecurringReign
  • John Paul RuttanPrincipalI'll Follow Down
  • Catherine JanesLeadRemember
  • Jake ManleyLarge PrincipalBad Hair Day
  • Michael FurlanoLeadRemember
  • Kearstin PlemelLeadLast Seen Alive
  • Bethanie HoPrincpalLost Girl
  • John Paul RuttanLeadShelby
  • Peyton KennedyLeadDorsal
  • Amy GroeningRecurringBackpackers
  • Daniel SolokhinePrincipalMy Dad Is Scrooge
  • Peyton KennedyPrincipalHannibal
  • Jordyn NegriLeadEscape
  • Sara MitichLarge PrincipalThe Listener
  • Sara MitichPrincipalThe Substitute (CBC)
  • John Paul RuttanGuest StarAir Farce "New Year's Eve"
  • Amy GroeningPrincipalReign
  • Riele DownsSeries RegularMayor of Mars (Nickelodeon)
  • Ava PrestonPrincipalLost Girl
  • Ava PrestonPrincipalDefiance
  • Ava PrestonRecurringThe Kennedys
  • Michael LevinsonSupporting LeadBunks
  • Julia LalondeCo-StarCatch A Christmas Star
  • Darcy CampbellActorBig News From Grand Rock
  • Peyton KennedyActorThe Ron James Show
  • Peyton KennedyPrincipalCopper
  • Peyton KennedyActorCut Bank
  • Marina TsevaPrincipalLost Girl
  • Vanessa VolcyActorThe Strain
  • Jacob ManleyPrincipalJoy Ride 3
  • Jonathan KeltzRecurringReign
  • Amy GroeningPrincipalTeen Lust
  • Amy GroeningRecurringHorizon
  • Sara MitichPrincipalJoy Ride 3
  • Michelle AlexanderSeries LeadDarknet
  • Helen CollianderPrincipalBeing Human
  • Caroline BartczakPrincipalBrick Mansions
  • Ella BallantinePrincipalClara's Deadly Secret
  • Jason SashaPrincipalPlayed
  • Leah DozPrincipalIssues
  • Shaquan LewisRecurringThe Next Step
  • Stefani KimberGuest StarSaving Hope
  • Ella BallentinePrincipalThe Captive
  • Jonathan KeltzLead21 & Over
  • Peyton KennedyPrincipalThe Captive
  • Ryan ManningRecurring LeadKids Town
  • Emma FleuryLeadIt Was You Charlie
  • Oliver WardSupportingDirty Singles
  • Peyton KennedyLeadTo Look Away
  • Kaitlyn LeebFeature LeadWolves
  • Rebecca DaltonSeries LeadSpun Out
  • Dyson FykePrincipalI Declare War
  • Tosh WatsonRecurringDeGrassi
  • Michael LevinsonSeries RegularThe LA Complex
  • Jesse SukundaSeries RegularExtreme Babysitting
  • Spencer HowesPrincipalI Declare War
  • Helen CollianderSupportingLeilah + Jen
  • Jake ManleyActorBeauty & The Beast
  • Christian DistefanoSupportingClown
  • Corina BizimRecurringDegrassi
  • Johnathan KeltzSeries LeadHeritics
  • Carson ReaumePrincipalRed Machine
  • Helen CollianderPrincipalHeart Land
  • Cristina RosatoGuest StarRepublic of Doyle
  • Justin ConleyPrincipalMurdoch Mysteries
  • Charles VandervaartSeries RegularPort Hope
  • Jake RaymondActorRobocop
  • Evan SternActorRobocop
  • Chantal CabreraActorPort Hope
  • Ryan AllenRecurringCopper
  • Julia LalondePrincipalNight Call
  • Kaitlyn LeebRecurringLA Complex
  • Aiden GouveiaGuest StarLife With Boys
  • Emilia McCarthyRecurringBeauty & The Beast
  • John Paul RuttanSupporting Robocop
  • Devon BostickSeries LeadThe Hundred
  • John BregarGuest StarMurdoch Mysteries
  • Fefe DobsonSupportingHome Again
  • Sarah FisherSeries RegularDegrassi
  • Aiden GouveiaLeadI Declare War
  • Nina DobrevLeadThe Perks of Being a Wallflower
  • Emilia MccarthyLeadHemlock Grove
  • Marina TsevaPrincipalTransporter
  • Annie ClarkLeadSolo
  • Eliana JonesPrincipalPort Hope
  • Michael FriendLeadI Declare War
  • Clark BackoActorBeauty & The Beast
  • Niamh WilsonSupportingThe Selected Works of T.S. Spivet
  • Peyton KennedySupportingAn Officer And A Murderer
  • Zoe BelkinSupportingCarrie
  • Demetrius JoyetteSupportingCarrie
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